Javier Baez Rookie Cards

Javier Baez Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

Javier Baez Bowman Chrome Rookie Card – Get It Now!


Javier Baez mania has been making Chicago Cubs fans delirious with excitement since he was called up to the big leagues. I’ve written several posts about Javi and his soon to be legendary Baez Bombs. When I took a look at Ebay today, I see that baseball fans are going nuts over his baseball cards as well, driving up the the price of the Javier Baez rookie cards.

In just a weeks time, Javier’s rookie cards have double  in price and the doubled again. Nothing like a little excitement, hope and perhaps delusion to get the price soaring.

The top seller has been the Javier Baez Bowman Chrome Autograph card from 2011. They’re selling quickly on Ebay and just about every single auction of his cards you look at have bids on them. They’re were selling like crazy during this first week for $75, $85, and now it’s a week later and they’re selling for $150 or more! It’s really gone nuts!

Javier Baez Sterling Gold Refractor Card

Javier Baez Sterling Gold Refractor Card – Get This Card!


I used to be quite the baseball card collector, but not anymore, especially at these prices. I do understand the Baez Mania though and I’m feeling hopeful for the future as well. I’ve included links to Javier Baez baseball cards below so you can get one for yourself. GO CUBS!

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Chicago Cubs Zubaz Pants and 80′s Rock Night Logo

1980s Rock Night at Wrigley Field Logo

The Awesome Chicago Cubs 80′s Rock Night Logo

80′s Rock Night / Zubazpalooza 2 at Wrigley Field

I don’t know about you guys, but when I saw the game on August 13, 2014 listed as 80′s Rock Night/Zubazpalooza 2, it sure got me curious. I mean Zubazpalooza? Sounds ridiculous but for those of you who know the extent of my delusion, I have nothing against the ridiculous and absurd. This is a game after all so let’s have some fun.  

>>Get Your Zubaz Pants

First of all, it’s awesome that the Chicago Cubs decided to create a special logo just for 80′s rock night. As someone who works in design and marketing, I appreciate the extra trouble they went through to add to the experience. There are many businesses who would take the extra step of hiring a graphic designer to create a logo just for a one night event, even though they certainly have the budget to do so. Somebody in the Cubs marketing department knows what’s up though.

 So what is 80′s Rock Night and what’s a Zubazpalooza anyway?

It looks like the Cubs decided to combine one of their giveaways with a themed night at Wrigley Field. It’s brilliant because the 1980′s and Zubaz go together like Hall and Oates. I’m sure if you went to a big rock show in the 80′s then you were going to see a pair of Zubaz. Probably worn by a dude with a mullet and the sleeves cut off of his shirt.

From the Cubs website:

“Tease your hair, throw on your Zubaz and rock out at Wrigley Field! The Cubs are happy to present 80′s Rock Night in the Budweiser Bleachers where each participant will receive a pair of Cubs Zubaz pants with the 100th birthday logo! Thanks to a collaboration with rock bands KISS and Def Leppard, up to 100 attendees can win a pair of tickets to one of two local shows if they attend the game wearing KISS makeup or Def Leppard branded clothing (spiked apparel not permitted). Special Event attendees may also win one of dozens of prizes including KISS and Def Leppard CDs, MLB-licensed T-shirts or concert tickets. Join us as we relive some of the finer moments of 80′s rock complete with music in between innings from some of your favorite 80′s hard rock and metal heroes.”

Well alright! Not only do you get to chill in the bleachers and see a Baez Bomb up close, you get a free pair of Cubs Zubaz pants and a chance to win Def Leppard and KISS tickets. Hell yeah!  (Shop Zubaz Pants)


Chicago Cubs pitcher Justin Grimm poses in his Cubs Zubaz Pants

Cubs pitcher Justin Grimm poses in his Zubaz Pants. Get them here!


>> Get your Chicago Cubs style Zubaz pants here

And just for kicks, and because I’m a KISS fan myself, here is Rock N Roll All Night

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Javier Baez T-Shirts The Best Selling Cubs Shirt Going Now

Javier Baez T-Shirt Royal Blue Cubs

Javier Baez T-Shirt – Cubs #9 – Get It Now!

Time to get your Javier Baez T-Shirts!

Call it a result of the #BaezEffect but I think you can guess what the best selling Chicago Cubs shirt is already. It’s the shirt for the just called up Javier Baez, who is already blasting Baez Bombs and giving disillusioned Cubs fans hope again.

Javier Baez is wearing jersey number nine, which has been worn by many Cubs before, including TWO Hall of Famers: Gabby Hartnett and Rogers Hornsby. Could Javier Baez be number three? Well if you’re asking me, then DUH, YES!

My favorite Cubs jersey style t-shirts are the classic royal blue shirts (as seen above).


I know a lot of you like the green Cubs shirts though, and Baez is already available in that color:

Javier Baez Cubs T-Shirt in Green

Javier Baez T-Shirt in Green – Get it Now!


Then you’ve got the Javier Baez shirt in gray cotton jersey style:

Javier Baez T-Shirt in Gray Away Jersey Style

Javier Baez T-Shirt in Gray Away Jersey Style – Get it Now!


And now for the ladies, a flattering royal blue women’s Javier Baez shirt:

Javier Baez Women's Shirt Blue

Javier Baez Women’s Shirt Blue – Get it Now!


So what are you waiting for? If Javier Baez is your new favorite player, then order your Javier Baez shirts now! When the bandwagon fans are still jumping aboard in a few years, your shirt will be perfectly broken in and ready for a World Series run.




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