Mike Quade Has No F’ing Time For That

First of All, he's dead f--ing wrong - Mike Quade


Respect is a two-way street. I don’t want to hear anything about respect. If you ain’t giving it, you ain’t getting it. - Mike Quade


And I have no f'ing time for that - Mike Quade

Mike Quade on Carlos Silva

“First of all, he’s dead f—-ing wrong, OK, about my pitching coach. And I have no f—-ing time for that.” – manager Mike Quade pulls no punches when referring to Carlos Silva on the day the Chicago Cubs released him.

Mike Quade on Carlos Silva


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Kerry Wood Signs with Chicago Cubs – We Believe Again

Kerry Wood Signs with the Chicago Cubs

Kerry Wood signs with the Chicago Cubs. I believe, I believe!

What a great day to be a Cubs fan!

Kerry Wood is coming back to Chicago!  It’s really happening!

The rumors began weeks ago: Kerry Wood was a free agent and the Cubs needed bullpen help. A perfect fit unless you looked at what Kerry Wood made last year and tried to squeeze a similar figure into this years payroll. Sure Wood is a great fit for the Cubs but there was no way the Cubs were going to sign a $10 million dollar set up man. Surely this was going to be another instance of Still Not A Cub.

But then they DID sign Kerry Wood! It’s for real! Kerry Wood is coming back to Chicago.

Jim Hendry, all is forgiven. Signing Milton Bradley. Signing Bob Howry, again.   The Cubs #1 rated pitching prospect  Chris Archer was acquired in the Mark DeRosa trade and now Kerry Wood is back on the north side. If you can pull off an Alfonso Soriano trade then you will officially be god.

Kerry Wood will be joining the Chicago Cubs bullpen as the right handed setup man to go with lefty Sean Marshall to hold down games for Carlos Marmol in the ninth. YES! This is not just a great sentimental move, this is a big win for the Cubs bullpen. They now have two intimidating pitchers to close out games.

Kerry Wood truly gave the Cubs a hometown discount. He could have easily received more money, years and a guaranteed closer job somewhere else. But true blue delusional Cubs fan that he is, Kerry Wood chose to come back to Chicago.

‘‘I’m a Cub. And this is just the perfect fit for myself and my family at this point. It’s never been about the money for me. I did leave some money out there. But it’s about being home, it’s about being here at Wrigley, which is home.’’

‘‘From a personal standpoint … we really feel this is where we belong,’’ Wood said. ‘‘And not just this year, but for many years to come.’’


Great to have you here.

I didn’t think I would be able to say it in 2011 but This Could Be the Year!



Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs Jersey

Kerry Wood Jersy Chicago Cubs Home

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Proposed Wrigley Field Renovations – The Future of Wrigley Field?

The Proposed Cubs Alley (2010)

Wrigley Field Proposed Renovations Plan 2010

Behold! The Cubs Alley! In the future Wrigley Field, even the alleys will be full of nostalgia and wonder. Visitors to this future alley will be stunned into a feel-good “it’s a great day for baseball” stupor conducive to spending whatever it takes to be a part of the “Wrigley Experience”. Exclusive shopping opportunities will inhabit the area formerly occupied by street musicians, ticket scalpers and bucket boys, adding to the tax base while creating new employment opportunities and synergy with the fans.

Is This the Future Wrigley Field Concourse? (2010 Proposal)

It’s just like the historic concourse only clean and with hardly any fans

Funding for the Wrigley Field Renovations (a little help from my friends)

This Wrigley Field renovations project will provide 1000 construction jobs and begin at the end of the 2011 season and be completed during the course of 3-5 off-seasons. There will be no need to relocate the team to a temporary facility on the south side of Chicago. It would cost only “$300 million in bonds retired by 35 years of amusement tax growth generated by modest annual increases in ticket and concession prices, but no additional seats“.

(Can anyone explain what this means in terms someone who’s had a couple of Old Styles will understand?)

With these bonds and tax savings, the Cubs would build the elusive “Triangle Building” first prophesied in 2001.The triangle building will be like a parking garage but will have facilities of some kind. At one time it would be space for a gym and clubhouse. In this new plan the Cubs clubhouse will be built under left field. This will provide the opportunity for Alfonso Soriano to go down a trap door and have his knees massaged by clubhouse physicians between innings.


The Proposed Underground Bunker/Clubhouse (2010)

Overview of Proposed Wrigley Field Renovation (2010)

So far, the financing plan does not have Mayor Daley’s backing (White Sox Fan). Governor Quinn doesn’t like the idea either but has little say. The Ricketts instead went directly to Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan and he has shown interest so something may be worked out?

Will this plan happen?

Of course it will! Just in time for the next Cubs World Series.

Go Cubs!

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Northwestern Football Game at Wrigley Field and the Purple Marquee

You are not seeing things. The Wrigley Field Marquee is Purple (photo)

The Wrigley Field Northwestern Football Game

I am stunned by this photo! The Wrigley Field marquee painted purple? I know it’s just temporary but that doesn’t mean it isn’t shocking.

The Wrigley Field sign has been painted purple for the Northwestern Football Wrigleyville Classic, the first football game to be played in Wrigley Field in since 1970. This will be the first college football game at Wrigley Field since 1938.

How will it go? You can always Buy Wrigley Field Northwestern Football Tickets and find out!

Or if you’re like me, you’ll be watching from home, cold beer and bratwurst in hand. In case you didn’t realize, it’s not too cold for Cubs grilling yet.

Wrigley Field Northwestern Football Game

Northwestern Wildcats vs Illinois Fighting Illini

Date: Saturday Nov. 20, 2010

Game Start Time: 2:30 PM (Central)

Radio: WGN (720 AM, wgnradio.com), WNUR (89.3 FM)

Final Score: Illinois 48 – Northwestern 27

Wrigleyville Classic lives up to hype – Chicago Tribune

Northwestern Wrigleyville Classic Game Day Photos

Don’t be fooled by the fake ivy! More Photos at Chicago Tribune

Buy Northwestern Game at Wrigley Field Tickets

List of Hotels Near Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field Northwestern Game Tickets

Wrigley Field Marquee Being Painted Purple (photo)

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Northwestern Football Wrigleyville Classic (photo)

Budweiser Christmas Ornaments Personalized for Cubs Fans!

Budweiser Christmas Ornament = AWESOME!

Budweiser Christmas Ornament

Check out this awesome Budweiser Christmas Ornament I just received! It’s a beer cooler full of cold Budweiser bottles on ice, ready for an afternoon of summer baseball. Perfect! Not only will this look super cool on your Christmas tree, you can have it customized with you or your favorite Cubs fans name and message on it.

Think of all the ways you could customize your beer cooler. “Resign Kerry Wood” or other such delusional ramblings.  I probably should have chosen something like “This is the Year” or “Still Delusional after all these years” or perhaps “Fire Jim Hendry before he resigns Bob Howry Again – Again” or something. Any other ideas?

This Chicago Cubs Christmas Ornament was sent to me by Christmas Ornaments.com, an online store for personalized Christmas ornaments. Apparently they had seen the  Delusional Cubs Fan Blog and realized how awesome it is because they contacted me asking if I would be interested in an ornament.

I may be delusional but I have no problem accepting free merchandise and this is going to look great on my tree next to my Wrigley Field and frosty mug of beer ornaments. Yeah, I’ve got a theme going – drunken Cub fan, but sometimes you just have to embrace yourself for who you are.

Get yourself this sweet Budweiser Christmas Ornament at ChristmasOrnaments.com

Go Cubs!



Budweiser Christmas Lights


Budweiser Christmas Ornament Six Pack


Budweiser Christmas Ornament Pilsner Beer Glass


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Harry Caray Cub Fan Bud Man Commercial 1985

Harry Caray 1984 Budweiser Commercial

Chicago Cub Budweiser This is Beer Commercial 2007

Cubs Owner Todd Ricketts on Reality Show Undercover Boss

Todd Ricketts, Co-Owner of Chicago Cubs tries to sell hot dogs

Chicago Cubs Owner On Undercover Boss

Todd Ricketts, otherwise known as the youngest one of siblings who own the Chicago Cubs appeared on CBS reality TV show Undercover Boss. The episode originally aired on November 7, 2010. For a limited time, you can watch the episode at CBS.com.

If you’re not familiar with the show, the premise of Undercover Boss is that a clueless boss of a company goes and works with the “little people” to see what it’s like to do you know “work”, and do all the “s–t jobs” that make a business run.

Todd cleans the infamous Wrigley bathrooms, works as a parking attendant, with the grounds crew, tries his hand at selling hot dogs and even gets to work in the Wrigley hand operated scoreboard and raise the W Flag.

Todd is not to be confused with Tom, who’s the chairman and the face of ownership, and also not Pete, otherwise known as the bald one, and not Laura, the girl.

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Chicago Cubs Hire Mike Quade as Manager

Okay, I’ll admit Mike Quade is not “classically handsome”.

Mike Quade Hired as Chicago Cubs Manager

And so it finally happened. After 17 season as a minor league manager, five seasons as an MLB coach and almost four seasons as the Cubs third base coach, Chicago area native Mike Quade finally received his first chance to be a big league manager.  On October 19, 2010 Mke Quade was named manager of the Chicago Cubs.

Mike Quade being named the Cubs manager was a surprise to many. From the day that Lou Pinella announced his retirement, Cubs fans everywhere (delusional and otherwise) wondered…..

Who would the new manager of the Chicago Cubs be?

Would it by Chicago Cubs Legend and  Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg? Would it be Bob Brenly? Would it be Joe Girardi?  Would it be Eric Wedge? Could it be Joe Torre? Could it be Fredi Ramirez? Could it possibly even be Tony LaRussa?  How about interim manager Mike Quade, does he have a chance at the job?

And oh yeah, will the next manager by RYNE FREAKING SANDBERG?!

You know, Chicago Cubs Legend and Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg.

The guy with the flag over right field in Wrigley. (photo by rpongsaj)

He’s kind of a big deal around here.

So Sandberg is the new manager right? The fans want it. The media wants it. Ryne Sandberg, who has been managing for four seasons in the Cubs minor league season wants it and says so in chance he gets. Hiring Sandberg gives the fans something to feel good about. Sandberg jerseys will fly off the shelves and tickets will sell. They have to give it to Ryno, don’t they?

But it didn’t happen that way. In the end, Ryne Sandbergs hall of fame credentials and good will with the fans did not win him the job.

Instead, for the first time in recent memory the Chicago Cubs didn’t hire the celebrity manager. They went with the guy who worked his way up slowly, winning the respect of players and management every step of the way. They hired the guy who righted the Cubs quickly sinking ship and led them to a 24-13 record down the stretch.

The Cubs hired a great guy. Unfortunately for Mike Quade though, he’s going to have to win in order to shake the perception of being “Not Sandberg” to many Cubs fans.

The Delusional Cubs Fan though knows the Cubs made the right decision. Mike Quade is a baseball LIFER. You can hear it when he talks that Quade is a guy that lives baseball. And after so many years of fighting for a chance to manage in the major leagues, he finally gets it.

Congratulations Mike Quade!


Mike Quade Hired as Chicago Cubs Manager

Mike Quade Press Conference October 19, 2010

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Chicago Cubs Finish 2010 Season with 75-87 Record

This was not the year. But wait till next year*

Cubs Finish 2010 Regular Season with 75-87 Record

Another baseball season has come and gone and once again there is much disappointment on the north side. The Chicago Cubs finished the 2010 season 75-87, finishing in fifth place above only the lowly, lowly Pittsburgh Pirates. Sigh.

The Cubs were never in it this season. Despite being not that much better of a team in 2009, the Cubs were able to keep themselves in first or second place the entire year, giving us delusional Cubs fans a sliver of hope. This was not the case in 2010 and maybe that’s for the better. It gave us all a chance to step back a little, knowing that if you missed today’s game, you weren’t really missing a thing.

It’s not really the way we wanted Year One to work out, the first year of ownership under the Ricketts family. It wasn’t easy on the fans, the ownership, or the manager. The Cubs were so bad they sent Lou Pinella into retirement. They were so bad that you got to see a something that hasn’t occurred in Wrigley in almost five season: empty seats. Most of the seats were sold but a lot of fans thought the same way I did: wouldn’t it be a nice day for a bike ride, working in the garden, painting the garage – anything except watching a disappointing loss.

Not that the Cubs really stood that much of a chance. They really needed bounceback seasons out of a lot of key players and it didn’t happen. The team in 2010 really wasn’t that different than the disappointing one that took the field in in 2009. Same opening day lineup with the exception of one malcontent who was exiled to Seattle. I tried to keep a positive attitude when making my 2010 season predictions but I knew how delusional I was being. It wasn’t a big comeback year after all. (Although, my prediction that the Cubs would have the best rotation in the NL Central wasn’t that far off.)

So, not much else to say. It was a disappointing season. After a long cold winter I’ll be ready for baseball and hope will spring eternal but for now…

Wait Till Next Year*

* or possibly the year after that

Congratulations Blackhawks! Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions T-Shirt

2010 Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks
2010 Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks 2010 NHL Champions

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks, your 2010 Stanley Cup Champions!

There hasn’t been this kind of excitement in Chicago since the Bulls were last champions way back when in 1998. So many happy people in Chicago right now!

May the inspired play of the Blackhawks and the adoring sports fans of Chicago inspire the Cubs so that they will become Chicago’s next champions.

Congratulations Blackhawks!

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Gear

Chicago Blackhawks Champions T-Shirt


Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Hoodie Sweatshirt

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Hoodie Sweatshirt


Chicago  Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Pint Glass Set

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Pint Glass Set


Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship Womens T-Shirt

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship Womens T-Shirt


Chicago  Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Shot Glasses

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Shot Glasses


Chicago  Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions DVD

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions DVD


Chicago  Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Garden Gnome

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Garden Gnome


Chicago Blackhawks Championship Gear and Collectibles

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Carlos Silva Starts the Season 8-0

Carlos Silva is 8-0!!!

Carlos Silva is the New Ted Lilly

Am I delusional or while I was busy watching the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup, did Carlos Silva just start the season 8-0?

Yes and YES!

Silva has actually made me forget about whoever it is they traded for him.

Jim Hendry is a Genius!



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Carlos Silva Rookie Card

For the Truly Delusional ONLY!