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Chicago Cubs Franchise Wins 10,000th Game – Is World Series Next?

The Glorious Chicago Cubs Franchise has won it’s 10,000th game!
The Chicago Cubs are only the second MLB team to reach the 10,000 win milestone. The first team to reach 10,000 wins was the Giants (currently of San Francisco and formerly of New York) with 10,192 wins.
The Chicago Cubs franchise has more wins than [...]

Is It Too Early to Think About a Cubs – Sox World Series?

Short answer:  Yes.  Long Answer follows:
As this great image created by fellow Cub fan Guano illustrates so well, Derrek Lee and the Chicago Cubs are on FIRE! Derrek is bashing the ball and off to one of his typical hot starts. What’s very encouraging is that unlike last season he has his power [...]

Lou Pinella’s Daily Affirmations

So how can an ordinary Delusional Cubs Fan like you or I benefit from the wisdom of Lou? We can get our Daily Affirmation from Lou Pinella. That’s right, our daily affirmation.

Santate Means Three Game Sweep in Fukudome

Here is a sign for the Japanese word “Santate” which translates to “three game sweep” in Japanese. This is now be added to the list signs in Japanese for Fukudome. I will keep my eyes open for more signs for all you right field bleacher fans.
Our beloved Cubs just got their first sweep [...]

Kosuke Fukudome Has Risen to Save the Chicago Cubs

It was foretold long ago that a man would arrive to the Chicago Cubs franchise and save the city of Chicago from suffering through another 100 years of purgatory.
This man would hit. He would play defense. He would play hard and lead by example. He would even take walks and lay down [...]

Dempster Gets the Win and Kerry Wood Gets the Save

The Cubs have finally won therir first game of the season! Being Cubs fans used to disappointment, many people were already starting to worry only two games into the season that it was all over. Fear not my friends! (This ride is bound to crazier than this)
Today’s pitchers threw in the exact [...]

“Bartman is Innocent” Proclaims Moises Alou

So almost five years later, former Cub Moise Alou says that he never would have caught that foul ball after all.
In an interview with the AP Alou says that people still yell “Bartman!” when he goes to catch a fly ball. He goes on to say “You know what the funny thing is? [...]

Welcome to Wrigley Field Kosuke Fukudome!

I know what I will remember about Cubs Opening Day 2008. No, it won’t be the stellar seven innings Carlos Zambrano pitched. It won’t be the regular season debut of the new Cubs Closer Kerry Wood. It won’t be the rain, which is not atypical for opening day at Wrigley. It [...]

Welcome to Delusional Cub Fan

Hello my friends, and welcome to the Delusional Cubs Fan Blog. This is a place for the true believers, a place where the lifelong Chicago Cubs fans can feel at home in thinking that “This is the Year the Cubs Will FINALLY Win the World Series!”
The Delusional Cubs Fan is right there with [...]