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Chicago Cubs Franchise Wins 10,000th Game – Is World Series Next?

The Glorious Chicago Cubs Franchise has won it’s 10,000th game! The Chicago Cubs are only the second MLB team to reach the 10,000 win milestone. The first team to reach 10,000 wins was the Giants (currently of San Francisco and formerly of New York) with 10,192 wins. The Chicago Cubs franchise has more wins than […]

Is It Too Early to Think About a Cubs – Sox World Series?

Short answer:  Yes.  Long Answer follows: As this great image created by fellow Cub fan Guano illustrates so well, Derrek Lee and the Chicago Cubs are on FIRE! Derrek is bashing the ball and off to one of his typical hot starts. What’s very encouraging is that unlike last season he has his power swing […]

Lou Pinella’s Daily Affirmations

So how can an ordinary Delusional Cubs Fan like you or I benefit from the wisdom of Lou? We can get our Daily Affirmation from Lou Pinella. That’s right, our daily affirmation.