2009 Old Style Chicago Cubs Fan Can

 Introducing the 2009 Cubs Fan Can…..

2009 Old Style Cubs Fan Can

The surest sign of spring…. the Old Style Fan Can.  It’s available only from March to October each year.  When the first can arrives on the shelves, you know that spring is almost here.  Baseball is almost here.  Summer is right around the corner.

I’ve been on the lookout for the new 2009 Old Style Fan Can for the last several weeks.  Each payday I cash my check and then walk past the beer coolers and look for that first sign of spring. This week was the one.

The last few years have brought us blue cans, but this years fan can is a stunning green, just like the beautiful Wrigley Field ivy.

Another really big change this year is the “Return of the Krausening”.  For you old schoolers, you know that Old Style used to be advertised as “fully krausened”.  Kräusening is adding active wort or other sugary nutrients to beer during the bottling process.

What does that mean for Old Style?  It means it TASTES DIFFERENT.  That’s right, they have changed the Old Style beer recipe.  That’s kind of scary already, but here’s the really scary part: Old Style is raising the price too.  That’s right, now that it’s going to be  krausened again, it’s going to cost more. Pabst, which owns Old Style, it trying to promote Old Style beer to the “premium domestic” category or beers.  It costs more than Miller does not!  Not only that, but no more 30-packs!  That one is going to be a real blow to yours truly.

But even with the new changes, they have decided to keep the Old Style Fan Can, so I’m going to keep on drinking it.  How can I not love a beer that comes in a can designed to look like Wrigley Field?


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And you know what?  I did a blind taste test with some friends between the “old” Old Style and the new (old) Old Style.  We made everyone taste both beers and pick the winner, and it turned out that…. New Old Style won!  So that’s good, since we have no choice but to drink it.  In this case, change is good.  Think local, drink local, and keep on dreaming of that World Series.




Old Style going old school – Chicago Sun Times

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