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2009 Old Style Chicago Cubs Fan Can

 Introducing the 2009 Cubs Fan Can….. The surest sign of spring…. the Old Style Fan Can.  It’s available only from March to October each year.  When the first can arrives on the shelves, you know that spring is almost here.  Baseball is almost here.  Summer is right around the corner. I’ve been on the lookout […]

Chicago Cubs Theme Song: GO CUBS GO!

Happy Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs Fans sing the Cubs Theme Song : “Go Cubs Go” after another exciting Cubs Win (original photo by Amber Grundy) Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! It’s been billed as the official Cubs Theme Song and it certainly has a special place in the hearts of Cubs fans.  (except for […]

A Tribute to Chicago Cubs Neon Signs

CLICK HERE to Look Through All of the Chicago Cubs Neon Signs You see them as you drive through the north side of Chicago, or in bars everywhere across Illinois: Chicago Cubs neon signs.  They’re seen beckoning to the weary traveler, saying “Stop in here, you’re among friends.  The game is on and the beer […]