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2009 Old Style Chicago Cubs Fan Can

 Introducing the 2009 Cubs Fan Can…..

The surest sign of spring…. the Old Style Fan Can.  It’s available only from March to October each year.  When the first can arrives on the shelves, you know that spring is almost here.  Baseball is almost here.  Summer is right around the corner.
I’ve been on the lookout for the [...]

Chicago Cubs Theme Song: GO CUBS GO!

Happy Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs Fans sing the Cubs Theme Song : “Go Cubs Go” after another exciting Cubs Win (original photo by Amber Grundy)
Go Cubs Go!
Go Cubs Go! It’s been billed as the official Cubs Theme Song and it certainly has a special place in the hearts of Cubs fans.  (except for a [...]

A Tribute to Chicago Cubs Neon Signs

CLICK HERE to Look Through All of the Chicago Cubs Neon Signs
You see them as you drive through the north side of Chicago, or in bars everywhere across Illinois: Chicago Cubs neon signs.  They’re seen beckoning to the weary traveler, saying “Stop in here, you’re among friends.  The game is on and the beer is [...]

Reed Johnson Chicago Cubs MLB Blog

Reed Johnson of the Chicago Cubs has launched an official blog for the 2009 season called Reed Between the Lines.
Johnson says about his blog: “This will be fun, and I’ll try to give the fans an inside look as to what it’s like in the clubhouse. One thing I don’t do that much is [...]

Chicago Cubs 2009 Season Schedule

Below is the Full Chicago Cubs 2009 Schedule. You can also view just the 2009 Chicago Cubs Home Game Wrigley Field Schedule or the 2009 Chicago Cubs Giveaways and Promotion Schedule.
Get ready for summer in Chicago! Check out the 2009 Chicago Cubs Schedule and start planning your games now. Almost every Wrigley Field home [...]

Baseball Prospectus 2009 Chicago Cubs Predictions

photo by Jonathan Lurie
The respected and influential statisticians at Baseball Prospectus have made their projections for the 2009 won-loss records of all Major League Baseball teams.
And what do they predict for Chicago’s teams?  You’re going to like this:
Baseball Prospectus predicts that the Chicago Cubs will finish the 2009 season with a 93-69 record and place [...]

Brian Roberts: STILL Not a Cub

,,original photo by Keith Allison

Sorry Delusional Cubs Fans, but your favorite Cubs winter trade rumor for the last two seasons has still not come true.
But wait, it gets worse…. Brian Roberts signed a 4-year contract extention with the Baltimore Orioles.
Can’t say I can blame him for locking in the [...]

Hope Springs Eternal Cubs Fans

Spring is on the Way!  Summer is on the Way!
Soon it will be warm.
After yet another cold, snowy and windy Chicago winter, we look forward to the changing of the season.  We watch the rebirth of life as the city and suburbs turn from brown back into green.  The days get longer.  The sun shines.  [...]