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Eddie Vedder Chicago Cubs Song “All the Way”

Someday We’ll Go All the Way by Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder, you have forever earned my respect.  To me this is easily the best Chicago Cubs song written since Steve Goodman’s Go Cubs Go in 1984.  That was written 24 years before this one and we still find ourselves “waiting for next year”.
Eddie Vedder’s Chicago Cubs [...]

Chicago Cubs M&M’s

Chicago Cubs M&M’s

That’s right my delusional ones, you can now get Official MLB Chicago Cubs M&M’s.  With MY M&M’S® Candies – MLB Candies, you can print the Cubs logo and a message on MY M&M’S® Candies!  Something like “This is the Year” on some and “No really I’m serious this time” on the others.
Why [...]

Alfonso Soriano Jersey

Alfonso Soriano Chicago Cubs Authentic Home Jersey
Every Chicago Cubs fan needs at least one Cubs jersey in their wardrobe. Here are a selection of Alfonso Soriano Jerseys for you to choose from. Alfonso Soriano jersey #12 as worn by the popular left fielder of the Chicago Cubs. You can find the Alfonso [...]

Harry Caray 1984 Budweiser Commercial

Harry Caray 1984 Budweiser Commercial

Holy Cow!  Check out this awesome old school Budweiser Beer commercial from 1984 starring legendary Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray.  It’s awesome in just about every possible way.  It’s got beer in it.  It’s got Wrigley Field in it.  It’s from the 80’s.  It stars Harry Caray.  It makes you smile.
I’ll [...]

Chicago Cubs Fan Cemetery

I usually describe the Delusional Cubs Fan blog as a place for Die Hard Cubs Fans only. This isn’t a place for complaining and ripping on the manager, GM or players. Not that they don’t deserve it sometimes but there’s plenty of Cubs blogs for complaining on. This blog is for those that [...]

Chicago Cubs Grill Cover

Chicago Cubs Grill Cover

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Summertime is for grilling!  Here in Chicago, we go months and months and what seems like forever waiting for spring and waiting to bring ou the grill.  In Chicago we grill because we can, we grill because we love to, [...]

Woo Life – The Ronnie Woo Woo Documentary

Woo Life Trailer

So someone has finally gone and made a Ronnie Woo Woo documentary.  If you don’t know who Ronnie Woo Woo is, then you haven’t been to enough Cubs games my friend.  You might be able to avoid the guy for a few but eventually you’re going to hear the “Cubs Woo! Cubs Woo! [...]

Carlos Zambrano No Hitter Statue

The Carlos Zambrano No Hitter Commemorative Statue was released as a Wrigley Field only promotional giveaway to the first 10,000 fans attending the Reds versus the Cubs game on April 11th, 2009.
The Carlos Zambrano Statue was created to commemorate the historic no hitter Zambrano pitched on September 14, 2008.  This is a limited edition collectable [...]

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field Seating Chart

For your reference, here is the Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field Seating Chart:

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You know there’s no better place in the world to watch a baseball game than historic Wrigley Field but you may not be certain where those tickets you’re thinking about buying are located.  This [...]

The Amazing Catches of Reed Johnson

Reed Johnson is a guy who is made for the “highlight reel”. He’s that special kind of outfielder who’s not afraid to dive, not afraid to chase a ball to the wall, not afraid to crash INTO the wall if necessary. Reed Johnson gives 100% every time.
Though he has yet to crack the [...]