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Budweiser Christmas Ornaments Personalized for Cubs Fans!

Budweiser Christmas Ornament = AWESOME!
Budweiser Christmas Ornament
Check out this awesome Budweiser Christmas Ornament I just received! It’s a beer cooler full of cold Budweiser bottles on ice, ready for an afternoon of summer baseball. Perfect! Not only will this look super cool on your Christmas tree, you can have it customized with you or your [...]

Harry Caray Cub Fan Bud Man Commercial 1985

Harry Carey 1985 Cub Fan Bud Man Commercial
Harry Carry Cubs Fan Bud Man
Here is another classic Harry Caray Budweiser Beer commercial from back in the day.  (I’ve previously posted a Harry Caray Budweiser Beer commercial from 1984.) This video is the legendary “Cub Fan, Bud Man” commercial from 1985.
It’s hard for me to believe this [...]

A Tribute to Chicago Cubs Neon Signs

CLICK HERE to Look Through All of the Chicago Cubs Neon Signs
You see them as you drive through the north side of Chicago, or in bars everywhere across Illinois: Chicago Cubs neon signs.  They’re seen beckoning to the weary traveler, saying “Stop in here, you’re among friends.  The game is on and the beer is [...]