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Derrek Lee Jersey

Chicago Cubs First Baseman Derrek Lee
Chicago Cubs Derrek Lee Jersey
Fan favorite Derrek Lee has been the Chicago Cubs first baseman since being traded to the Cubs from the Marlins in 2004.  Lee is a team leader, a strong presence in the middle of the lineup and prefers to work hard and let his play do [...]

Chicago Cubs Legends DVD Great Games Collectors Edition

Chicago Cubs Legends – Great Games Collector`s Edition – DVD
Chicago Cubs Legends DVD
So here you have it, the ultimate DVD set currently available for Cubs fans.  Chicago Cubs Legends Great Games Collectors Edition is EIGHT DVD worth of complete and unedited Cubs game broadcasts.  This is only for the hardest of hardcore Cubs fans, which [...]

Derrek Lee Bobblehead

Derrek Lee Bobbleheads
Derrek Lee Bobblehead
Hey Derrek Lee fans! You know you love our dependable first baseman #25 Derrek Lee. Great defense, great hitting and a guy who prefers to let his play do the talking for him. I’ve tried to put together a collection of Derrek Lee Bobblehead dolls from his Chicago [...]

Derrek Lee’s 2 Home Run, 7 RBI Night – July 2, 2009

Derrek Lee hit 2 Home Runs and had 7 RBI’s to cook the Brewers sausage
Derrek Lee’s Big Night at Wrigley
It was an unusually cool July evening with a game time temperature of only 63 degrees for the first game of an important series between the 4th place Chicago Cubs and the 1st place Milwaukee Brewers.  [...]

Derrek Lee 21 Game Hitting Streak

Derrek Lee tries to pick up the Cubs with 21 Game Hitting Streak (photo by team doster)
Derrek Lee’s 21 Game Hitting Streak
As it turns out, someone on the Chicago Cubs did remember how to hit.  In April 2009 it was Soriano and Fukudome who turned it up a notch hitting. In May it was Ryan [...]

Cubs Win in Extras After Coming Back from Seven Runs Down

The Cubs celebrate two games in a row
Keep It Up Guys!
Another exciting win today for the Chicago Cubs!  I don’t have time for a full post but let’s just say today’s game vs the Cleveland Indians ended happily.  The Cubs were seven runs down by the fifth inning but still came back to tie up [...]

Cubs Beat White Sox in Dramatic Come From Behind Walk Off Victory

The Cubs celebrate their walk of victory (photo by David Banks – AP)
Cubs Beat White Sox in Walk Off Win!
Finally, something to celebrate!  As I said to the guy next to me at the bar after Derrek Lee hit his 3-run homer “That’s the first thing we’ve had to get excited about in two weeks”.  [...]

Chicago Cubs Payroll and Player Salaries 2009

Hey Cubs fans.  Let’s talk a moment about the business side of baseball.  We’re going to discuss the Chicago Cubs player salaries today and the Chicago Cubs 2009 payroll.  I’m also going to rant a little bit about player salaries, but perhaps not in the way you might be expecting.
I’ve tried to list every Chicago [...]

Requiem for A Dream: The Chicago Cubs 2008 Season Ends with a Whimper

Why Cubs, Why?
This is not the way we expected this to end.  We Believed.  It was Gonna Happen.  This was the Year!  The 100 year anniversary would be the end of the drought, the curse, the goat, the waiting.  Instead it’s once again: Wait Till Next Year.
For me it’s taken three days to get to [...]

Chicago Cubs Finish 2008 Season with 97-64 Record

(PHOTO BY Nam Y. Huh/AP)
Our beloved Chicago Cubs finished the 2008 regular season with a 97-64 record.  97 freaking wins my friends!
Some fans hoped they might get to that 100 win milestone but that didn’t happen, and that’s alright.  It doesn’t really matter anyway, wins and losses mean nothing going into the playoffs.  Instead of [...]