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Chicago Cubs Acquire Mark DeRosa, Kerry Wood and Jake Peavy in Six Team Trade Deal

Jim Hendry’s Best Trade EVER!
Kerry Wood, Mark DeRosa and Jake Peavy!
Cubs Acquire Kerry Wood, Mark DeRosa and Jake Peavy in Mega Trade!
Holy Cow! The Chicago Cubs stunned the baseball world today by pulling off a complicated six team trade in which they acquired relief pitcher Kerry Wood, super-utility-everything-man-team-leader-guy Mark DeRosa and finally starting pitcher Jake [...]

Chicago Cubs Trade Milton Bradley – Goodbye And Thanks for Nothing

Milton Bradley traded to a city far, far away.
Chicago Cubs Trade Milton Bradley
Congratulations Cubs fans, you just got your Christmas wish: The Chicago Cubs traded Milton Bradley.  Milton Bradley is no longer a Cub!
So who did the Cubs trade Milton Bradley for?
Starting pitcher Carlos Silva
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Careful what you wish for
Chicago Cubs trade [...]

Chicago Cubs Trade Future Hall of Famer Jake Fox

Jake Fox, the best 28 year old rookie Infielder-Outfielder-Catcher EVER
Chicago Cubs Trade Jake Fox
On December 4, 2009, the Chicago Cubs traded face of the franchise and future Hall of Famer Jake Fox to the Oakland Athletics for three worthless prospects. Around the nation, delusional Cubs fans wept at the loss as the greatest offensive force [...]

Chicago Cubs Offseason Trade and Free Agent Rumors 2009-2010

During the Offseason, Any Idiot Can Be the Cubs General Manager
Chicago Cubs Trade Rumors 2010 Edition
Ah, it’s that time of year again: the offseason, where every arm chair general manager in the world gets to have his day. It’s just like fantasy baseball… no trade is too crazy, no free agent too expensive and [...]

Mark DeRosa Takes it in the Pujols – Traded to Cardinals

Mark DeRosa Traded to the Cardinals
Hey Cubs fans, did you think the Cubs trade of Mark DeRosa couldn’t get any worse?  Well it just did.  On June 28, 2009, the Cleveland Indians traded former Cub fan favorite Mark DeRosa back to the NL Central divison leading St Louis Cardinals.
That’s right, Mark DeRosa is now a [...]

Mark DeRosa : Still Not a Cub

CLEVELAND INDIANS Third Baseman Mark DeRosa with old “pal” Jim Hendry

Mark DeRosa: STILL Not a Cub ANY MORE. STILL.

Welcome to another edition of STILL NOT A CUB.  In this installment, we will be reminding Cubs fans that Mark DeRosa is still not a Cub.
I’m sure you remember that the Chicago Cubs traded Mark DeRosa on [...]

Chicago Cubs Regular Season Trades, Transactions and Rumors 2009

photo by timailius

We all know that the team that you break camp with is not the same you’ll have at the end of the year.  The Chicago Cubs make midseason trades and transactions just like every other MLB team.
New players become available on other teams and players on your own team become available as [...]

Chicago Cubs 2009 Wrigley Field Home Game Schedule

photo by wallyg
This is the Cubs 2009 Home Game Schedule. Go here if you want the full Chicago Cubs 2009 Season Schedule or here for the Chicago Cubs 2009 Giveaways Schedule.
Ready for some Chicago Cubs baseball at historic Wrigley Field? There’s truly no other place like it and on a warm summer day there is [...]

Brian Roberts: STILL Not a Cub

,,original photo by Keith Allison

Sorry Delusional Cubs Fans, but your favorite Cubs winter trade rumor for the last two seasons has still not come true.
But wait, it gets worse…. Brian Roberts signed a 4-year contract extention with the Baltimore Orioles.
Can’t say I can blame him for locking in the [...]

Chicago Cubs Winter Trade and Free Agent Rumors 2008-2009

Photo by Dave Herholz
This Article is from 2008-2009!
CLICK HERE if you want the current 2010 Offseason Free Agent and Cubs Trade Rumors version of this story.
Oh man, it’s a long cold winter when you’re a Chicago Cubs fan.
If you’re like me and you live in Chicago, it’s FREAKING COLD.  And sometimes wet, and slippery, gray, [...]