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Proposed Wrigley Field Renovations – The Future of Wrigley Field?

The Proposed Cubs Alley (2010)
Wrigley Field Proposed Renovations Plan 2010
Behold! The Cubs Alley! In the future Wrigley Field, even the alleys will be full of nostalgia and wonder. Visitors to this future alley will be stunned into a feel-good “it’s a great day for baseball” stupor conducive to spending whatever it takes to be a [...]

Northwestern Football Game at Wrigley Field and the Purple Marquee

You are not seeing things. The Wrigley Field Marquee is Purple (photo)

The Wrigley Field Northwestern Football Game
I am stunned by this photo! The Wrigley Field marquee painted purple? I know it’s just temporary but that doesn’t mean it isn’t shocking.
The Wrigley Field sign has been painted purple for the Northwestern Football Wrigleyville Classic, the first [...]

Cubs Owner Todd Ricketts on Reality Show Undercover Boss

Todd Ricketts, Co-Owner of Chicago Cubs tries to sell hot dogs
Chicago Cubs Owner On Undercover Boss
Todd Ricketts, otherwise known as the youngest one of siblings who own the Chicago Cubs appeared on CBS reality TV show Undercover Boss. The episode originally aired on November 7, 2010. For a limited time, you can watch the episode [...]

Chicago Cubs It’s A Way of Life

Chicago Cubs It’s A Way of Life and yes it’s true and yes I’m serious. Photo is of the beautiful Chicago Cubs It’s A Way of Life Sign at Wrigley Field 2010.

Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs Players Banners on Opening Day

As part of the celebration for the Chicago Cubs 2010 home opener and Year One, the Cubs installed several giant banners to hang outside of Wrigley Field for the first homestand of the year.  The banners look great but are only temporary so I wanted to make sure Cubs fans got to see these. (photo)
Also, [...]

Chicago Cubs 2010 Wrigley Field Home Opener – Cubs vs Brewers

There’s no better place to be than Wrigley Field (photo)
Chicago Cubs 2010 Wrigley Field Home Opener
Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubs
Start Time: 1:20 PM Chicago time
Starting Pitchers: Ryan Dempster vs Doug Davis
Weather: Sunny & 68 degrees!
Chicago Cubs Home Opener Starting Lineup
Ryan Theriot SS
Marlon Byrd CF
Derrek Lee 1B
Aramis Ramirez 3B
Xavier Nady RF
Alfonso Soriano LF
Jeff Baker [...]

Video Tour of 2010 Wrigley Field Renovations

Video Tour of 2010 Wrigley Field Renovations
Here is a video segment from WGN TV as we head into the Chicago Cubs 2010 home opener which goes over some of the renovations made to Wrigley Field over the offseason.  Most of the changes won’t be noticeable to a lot of fans but it’s still good to [...]

Chicago Cubs Be Alert For Foul Balls Sign from Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs Be Alert For Foul Balls Sign
Wrigley Field Be Alert For Foul Balls Sign
If you’ve been to Wrigley Field, then you’ve seen this sign on the way up to your seats.  It’s the Be Alert for Foul Balls sign and it’s one of those unique things about going to Wrigley.  It’s your reminder to [...]

The Famous Wrigley Field Ivy Vines

When people think of Wrigley Field, they think of the ivy
The Wrigley Field Ivy
The beautiful green vines growing on the brick outfield walls is one of the first things people visualize when they hear the name Wrigley Field.  The Wrigley Field Ivy is unique in all of baseball and one of Wrigley’s many unique charms.
The [...]

The Wrigley Field Scoreboard

Wrigley Field scoreboard as seen from center field bleachers (photo by JaseMan)
The Wrigley Field Scoreboard
When you visualize Wrigley Field you probably think of bricks, ivy, sunshine and the iconic Wrigley Field scoreboard. The green scoreboard behind the center field bleachers is original from 1937 and still operated by hand to this day.  You can follow [...]