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I usually describe the Delusional Cubs Fan blog as a place for Die Hard Cubs Fans only. This isn’t a place for complaining and ripping on the manager, GM or players. Not that they don’t deserve it sometimes but there’s plenty of Cubs blogs for complaining on. This blog is for those that are Cubs fans to the core.

Now if you’re Cubbie blue to the core, if you’re SERIOUSLY delusional, if you are Cubbie Blue 4 LIFE, if you’re in the upper 1% of the most hardcore devoted Cubs fans, then this is the place for you.

Beyond the Vines – Eternal Luxury Suites for Cubs Fans

No, you just can’t make things like this up.  Beyond the Vines celebrated “Opening Day” on April 22, 2009.  It is billed as “Eternal Luxury Suites for Cubs Fans” and is designed to be the final resting place for the biggest Cubs fans.

From their press release: “Going to visit loved ones at the cemetery can be a bit gloomy at times, which is why I wanted to transform the experience of the cemetery visit . At Beyond the Vines, you can sit in authenticated Cubs box seats, walk on the antiquated Wrigley Field pavers, or stand on the recently removed Wrigley turf. You’ll be able to go back in time and reminisce about those great moments you’ve shared with your departed.” said Mascari. “One of our customers actually said “I can’t wait to be here.” “That’s what it’s all about. This is just not an idea that came to me, it’s an idea that came through me.“ “It’s really a beautiful place!

Beyond the Vines is located within Bohemian National Cemetery at 5255 N. Pulaski Chicago.  It features bricks, ivy (still growing) and seating.  There are spaces for 288 Chicago Cubs Urns.  There are four levels of packages, starting at $1295 for the a 9 X 5 urn niche, and moving on up to the “Grand Slam Package” which includes double size niche, cremation services, Cubs themed cemetery service, official Cubs urn and brass name plaque.

From what we know, this is the first ever “fan cemetery” in the world.  Of course it had to be a place for Cubs fans, since at least a few have been sent to an early grave by their team.

So if you get one of these spaces, I don’t think anyone should ever doubt your devotion to the Chicago Cubs.  Congratulations, you will officially be a superfan.  Let’s just hope you get to see the Cubs Win the World Series before you’re laid to your final resting place.

Please, please, please Cubs, let us live to see that win!


Chicago Cubs Cemetery Video from Fox News 32 Chicago

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Chicago Cubs Urn

Chicago Cubs Coffin


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