Chicago Cubs Trade Milton Bradley – Goodbye And Thanks for Nothing

cubs trade milton bradley

Milton Bradley traded to a city far, far away.

Chicago Cubs Trade Milton Bradley

Congratulations Cubs fans, you just got your Christmas wish: The Chicago Cubs traded Milton Bradley.  Milton Bradley is no longer a Cub!

So who did the Cubs trade Milton Bradley for?

Starting pitcher Carlos Silva

Careful what you wish for

Chicago Cubs trade Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva.  On one hand the Cubs are done with Milton Bradley.  They even traded him to the American League where they hopefully will rarely, if ever, see him again.

On the other hand, they just picked up a starting pitcher who was considered almost as untradeable as Milton Bradley, and who actually makes even more money. The Cubs did receive $9 million from the Mariners to help offset the salary though.

So in one way, they actually had someone pay them to take Milton Bradley, which is amazing. But they received a player who may be even more useless to them than Bradley was.  In theory, Carlos Silva will probably become the Cubs new 5th starter.

Unfortunately, there’s little to indicate the Cubs, or any other team would actually want Carlos Silva in their starting rotation. All the Cubs really did was trade one of the worst contracts of 2009 for one of the worst contracts of 2008.  Silva just might have even less upside than Bradley, who’s career stats at least demonstrate he has been able to hit well; just not in 2009.  Carlos Silva has pitched “adequately” at best in his career, and not since about 2005.

Meet Carlos Silva

There’s a new Carlos in town


Carlos Silva Stats

Year Team
2002 Phillies 5 0 68 84.0 3.21 88 30 4 22 41 1.310
2003 Phillies 3 1 62 87.1 4.43 92 43 7 37 48 1.477
2004 Minnesota 14 8 33 203.0 4.21 255 95 23 35 76 1.429
2005 Minnesota 9 8 27 188.1 3.44 212 72 25 9 71 1.173
2006 Minnesota 11 15 36 180.1 5.94 246 119 38 32 70 1.542
2007 Minnesota 13 14 33 202.0 4.19 229 94 20 36 89 1.312
2008 Seattle 4 15 28 153.1 6.46 213 110 20 32 69 1.598
2009 Seattle 1 3 8 30.1 8.60 41 29 5 11 10 1.714
totals 60 64 295 1128.2 4.72 1376 592 142 214 474 1.409


About Carlos Silva

Carlos Silva is widely regarded as one of the worst starting pitchers in all of baseball, if not the worst.  He’s pitched for the Phillies, Twins and Mariners over the course of eight seasons in major league baseball.  After the 2007 he signed with the Seattle Mariners in what is considered one of the worst contracts of all time: four years at $48 million.  Why he ever got that much in the first place after two consecutive losing seasons in Minnesota is unknown.

After signing with Seattle he has been a completely terrible.  Silva is considered a poor clubhouse presense and awful pitcher.  He’s gained a lot of weight.  He’s allowed opponent batting averages of .323 in 2009 and .331 in ’08.  Over those two season Carlos has a 5-18 record with a 6.81 ERA.  Ouch!  If he did not have a guaranteed contract, he would be out of baseball.

The Upside

Milton Bradley is no longer a Cub!  Milton Bradley is no longer a Cub!  Milton Bradley is no longer a Cub!

Keep saying this to yourself because that’s the best thing out of this trade so far.  Now we will have to wait to see what happens next.  Will Bradley go to Seattle and implode the contending team they are building there?  Will Carlos Silva benefit from a change of scenery to become a decent pitcher?  And now that Bradley is gone, who will become the Chicago Cubs new outfielder in 2010?

There’s no way to answer those questions now.  I reserved judgment on Milton Bradley joining the Cubs until he actually played for them.  It didn’t take a full season to learn that was a mistake.  For now this doesn’t look like much of a trade, but…

What were you expecting to get for Milton Bradley?  It was nearly impossible just to find a team who wanted him; finding a team who would give you a good player for an overpaid malcontent turd like Bradley really was truly impossible.  It was pretty much guaranteed that the Cubs would get a bad contract in return for their bad contract, a bad player for their bad head case.

There was a lot of speculation that the Cubs would trade Bradley for Pat Burrell but the truth is, even though Burrell might have some potential, the Cubs didn’t need another defensively challenged left fielder, they got that covered.  The Rays also wanted the Cubs to pick up $10-12 million of Bradley’s salary.

The other rumors never really had much truth to them.  The Mets never wanted Bradley.  The Rangers never wanted him unless the Cubs were willing to pick up the majority of his contract.

Jim Hendry had to choose between paying for a player the Cubs didn’t need (Burrell) , a player who stinks but is cheaper and might possibly have potential (Silva), paying Bradley’s contract to play for another team, cutting Bradley and paying his entire contract or having Bradley play another year for the Cubs.

Hendry chose Carlos Silva.  You know that he must really hate Bradley if he chose Silva over Bradley.

He also chose the $9 from Seattle to decrease what they will owe of the $25 million remaining on Silva’s contract.  Instead of owing Bradley $21 million, they will pay Silva $16 million, saving the Cubs $5 million to spend somewhere else.  Hendry met his goal of not having to pay someone to take Bradley.

We’ll see what the Cubs do with their savings and what Silva does against the National League.  But you know what?  If the Cubs release Silva before the season even starts, they still managed to find someone WHO PAID THE CUBS FOR MILTON BRADLEY.  I’m not saying this is a good trade, but getting someone to pay us for Bradley is pretty F’n amazing.

So…. Welcome to the Chicago Cubs senior Carlos Silva.  I wish you much luck.  I hope a change of scenery does serious, miraculous wonders for you.

And Milton Bradley….. don’t go away mad, JUST GO AWAY.



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