Requiem for A Dream: The Chicago Cubs 2008 Season Ends with a Whimper

2008 Playoffs What the F*** Happened Cubbies?

Why Cubs, Why?

This is not the way we expected this to end.  We Believed.  It was Gonna Happen.  This was the Year!  The 100 year anniversary would be the end of the drought, the curse, the goat, the waiting.  Instead it’s once again: Wait Till Next Year.

For me it’s taken three days to get to the point where I can even start to write about it.  I’ve been stewing, moody and disgruntled, going back and forth between anger, disappointment and acceptance since game 3 on Saturday.

This hurt.  After this amazing season, the 97 wins, all the great moments… to see it end with a sweep by the Los Angeles Dodgers was stunning.  And that’s not the worst of it; it wasn’t just a sweep.  The Dodgers ran over the Cubs like a Hummer over a squirrel, like they weren’t even there.  It wasn’t even close.  AT ALL.  The Cubs had one single highlight, one single lead the entire series, and that was DeRosa’s 2-run homer in the SECOND INNING of the FIRST GAME.  After that it was ALL downhill.

Reality Check

Guess what everybody?  They’re still the Cubs.

No matter how much we believed, no matter how good they were, no matter that they had great pitching, hitting, balance and the best record in the National League and easily the best team…. they are still the Cubs.

They break our hearts, just like they always have.  There isn’t a Cubs fan alive today who hasn’t had their heart broken by them.   Most of us more than once.  Many of us several times.  We thought this year was different but they reminded us: They’re still the Cubs.


I know their are a lot of Cubs fans ready to swear them off.  I can understand, but I can’t do it.  I tried.  I was so devastated after The Bartman Game in 2003 that I swore if they didn’t win one of the next two games I was done being a Cubs fan.  We all know how that ended.  The Cubs broke our hearts and here I am writing this Cubs blog, still a diehard fan five years later.  I tried to follow through: I skipped spring training and the first 2 1/2 months of the season, but then I just couldn’t do it.  I came back.  And how did the Cubs reward me?  By choking down the streatch, blowing their division lead and not even making the playoffs.

Welcome to life as a Cubs fan.

Either you Bleed Cubbie Blue or you stay at home.  Go root for the White Sox you sicko.  Jump on the Red Sox or Rays bandwagon.  Either you’re with us or you’re against us.  If you’re ready to abandon ship now… then off you go.  More tickets for the rest of us.

But we’d rather have you with us.  Someday it’s gonna happen.  Someday we’ll go all the way.  And we’d rather have you with us.  We want all the people who have suffered to finally get that World Series they deserve.  It’s going to be amazing when it happens and you do not want to miss it, you do not want to be a johnny come lately and you do not want to be accused of jumping on the bandwagon.  It’s going to be SOOOOO worth it.

But we’re going to have to Wait Till Next Year.


2008 NLDS Results

GAME 1: Dodgers 7  – Cubs 2 (Box Score)

GAME 2:  Dodgers 10 – Cubs  3 (Box Score)

GAME 3:  Cubs 1 – Dodgers 3 (Box Score)

The Lowlights:

- Ryan Dempster pitches what is probably his worst game of the season for game 1, walking a season high 7 and giving up 4 earned runs in a 4 1/2 stint.

- The Cubs entire infield has errors in game 2: DeRoasa, Lee,  Ramirez, Theriot

- The Cubs have their best  performance in game 3 and still only score 1 measly run.

- Alfonso Soriano goes 1-14 in the series, strikes out 4 times and is no factor whatsoever.

- Aramis Ramirez goes 1-11 in the series and makes a costly error in game 2 and is no factor whatsoever.

- Geovany Soto goes 1-10 in the series and is no factor whatsoever.

- The Cubs turn into their old selves and swing at bad pitches, don’t take walks and don’t get timely hitting.


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  1. Well that hurt alright. Sure was a fun summer though. I’m already in my sixties, no use quitting on them now. I just hope I live to see that world series win.

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