The Cubs Win W Flag Tradition

photo by Sheehan Family

The Cubs W Flag

The Chiago Cubs “W” Flag is an iconic symbol on the north side of Chicago.  The W Flag flies over Wrigley Field after every Cubs home win.  It’s also become a symbol of the Cubs and you can see the W on t-shirts, hats, and other items besides just the flag.

When you see the Cubs W Flag hanging from a neighbors house, you know that you have a friend in the neighborhood.  It also means you have a good neighbor you can trust, as a white sox flag would only lower the property values of your neighborhood.  Like a Chicago Cubs neon sign displayed in a tavern window, the Cubs Win W Flag is a symbol of loyalty and shared values.

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The History of the Cubs Win W Flag

The W Flag tradition began at Wrigley Field in the 1940′s.  The Wrigley Field bleachers were reconstructed in 1937 and that same year Wrigley Field’s famous hand operated scoreboard was built.  The following year the masthead and flagpoles were added to the scoreboard, which display the American flag and the flags of each of the National League teams.

Shortly after in 1940 the Cubs W flag tradition began and after all home games either a W flag for a win or a L flag for a loss were flown on a special mast.  A light was also added to shine on the flag at night so that passers by could see the results of the game.  Nowadays most people would just check their iPhone for the results of the days game but at the time the W flag was cutting edge technology.

photo by cbowns

The Modern Cubs W Flag

The original Cubs W and L flags were blue with white lettering, the reverse of todays versions.  The flags had the blue background color scheme for 40 years through 1982, when Ernie Banks became the first Cub to have his jersey number retired.  His flag was hung from the left field flag pole, and it featured his blue number 14 on a white background.  The followin year in 1983 the W flag had it’s colors reversed to a blue W on a white background in order to match Ernie Banks and future retired numbers.

The Cubs W flag has remained the same since that time and has become a popular symbol of the Cubs.  At some point in the 90′s, some businessman realized that the Cubs W flag had become so popular that they could sell them to fans.  Ever since then, I’ve begun to see more and more of these Cubs W flags flying throughout Chicagoland.  And lots of people bring them to the game now and raise them in their seats as they sing along to “Go Cubs Go“.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Let’s fly that W Flag Today Cubbies!!!


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